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What is your Trial Policy?

-Mouthpieces and shipping will be purchased in full from the shopping cart.  

-The standard trial period is 7 days from arrival of the tracked package.

-Returns must be postmarked before the 8th day, otherwise the sale will be considered final and non-refundable.

-Returned mouthpieces in good condition will be refunded in full. Any significant scratches on returned pieces will incur a $20 buffing fee.  

-I am committed to continuously developing my craft.  Any constructive feedback is always welcome, and I will do my best to help you find equipment that works well for you.

What blanks do you use?

I am currently using open source blanks milled by CNC machines from solid rod rubber.  In the past, I have used injection molded blanks and have had proprietary designs supplied by an injection molding firm.  I have since transitioned to exclusively using solid rod rubber blanks for my work to ensure the highest quality of material, and the highest level of consistency available on the market today.

Do you offer refacing and customization Services?

I am quite adept at refurbishing commercial and custom mouthpieces of any make.  Please inquire through the contact page for more information on refurbishing or modifying your existing equipment to achieve the results you want in your playing.

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